2016 PGA Show – Orlando

Ball Couture has made it to the BIG show this weekend. We will be featured in the New Product Zone and are being proudly represented by Proactive Sports. As you can see by the display we decided to showcase the color visibility by putting the golf balls in a martini glass and high heel shoe.

We have heard time and time again, that no respectable golfer would use a colored golf ball here in the USA and so we set out to see if things are changing. Over the last decade we have seen an increase of colored golf balls on the course. More and more players are giving color a chance on the course including what they wear to what they play with. Fashion has always been a part of the game, however now the color schemes are more vibrant and people want to match their apparel to their golf equipment. That makes us happy!

While it is still not common to see Pros use colored golf balls, the name that rises to the top is Paula Creamer (nick named the Pink Panther) and she openly uses a pink golf ball during play. We had an opportunity to get her signature on one of our golf balls. She was very nice about it and we appreciate the fact that she took the time to do so.

She actually signed one of our yellow golf balls, which is a popular color however, not as popular as the orange and pink colors are.

When we had a chance to talk with everyday players we found that they are very receptive to playing with a colored golf and especially liked how we pictured different icons on the golf balls: martini glass, high heel, diamond ring, and sunglasses.

Here is the kicker, we were pleasantly surprised to hear how it’s not just women willing to give them a try. We now receive requests from male players asking for a more manly golf ball for them to play with. We actually have some thoughts on that and have some designs already on the drawing board.

Let’s face it, golf is not an easy sport and sometimes we forget to just have fun. When you are looser and not over thinking it too much, you might just find that you can enjoy the game. That is our goal, let’s get people on the course to have fun and if our golf balls can bring smiles then we are ahead of the game. Check out our new store locator on www.ballcouture.com to see where you can purchase our golf balls.