Training the Soul and Body

The slow thaw of winter had unexpectedly increased and before you know it, the temperature is actually warm enough to play a round of golf. Now to find the clubs, I know they are around here somewhere. Finally, there they are behind the winter projects scraps of ply board and other stuff that just got piled on.

I remember when I first got my golf clubs; I had them in the office so that I could look at them and imagine me outside taking in the smells of summer play. There is nothing like hearing the sound of lawn mowers and kids playing outside, to know that it is time to prepare to play. Oh wait, time to prepare to play. I meant to do all those exercises I had picked up on the internet, oh well I’m sure I’ll be okay. Just to be on the safe side I better hit the treadmill to get my cardio up and then do some practice swings at the local range.

Does that routine sound familiar?

A study in The Golf Biomechanic's Manual by Paul Chek revealed that amateur golfers achieve approximately 90 percent of their peak muscular activity when driving a golf ball.

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The truth of the matter is that golf can add a lot of physical strain and just thinking you can jump on the course without the proper stretching and preparation could cause you to leave the game early.

Then of course there is the mental part of the game too, when you line up your shot be mindful of your internal voice. Do you says things like “This is hard I hope I can make the shot”, if so try instead “I feel great, I know I’m going to make this shot”.

Bringing the mind and body into balance is going to extend your game, performance and overall personal development. So don’t wait until the sun is shining to prepare for the game. Start today and you’ll find better enjoyment for your soul.