A Teaching Moment

I quickly read this comment the other day “Those that can’t do, teach”. At first I chuckled and didn’t think too much of it until this past weekend.

I was playing a Wii video game with my niece for a few hours and we came across this event (ski jumping) that I couldn’t score very well on previously but I felt confident that she could, so I starting to explain to her how to be positioned on the Wii board and what she needed to do in fly further. After several jumps she tried, she just couldn’t get the distance either so I finally stood next to her and showed her what she was doing and what she should try so that she could adjust.

Finally after a few more attempts, she just couldn’t get the hang of it and she says, “Here show me,” as she hands me the video game controller. I said “Oh okay, let me see what I can do”.  After the first jump I got my speed where I needed to be and actually ended up jumping further than she did. I then did the second attempt and got a personal best on the game.

That gave her the confidence she needed to give it another try, besides her competitiveness kicked in and she told me that she was going to keep trying until she beat my score. She did it of course after another half hour of playing.

It was then when that comment came back to me “those that can’t do, teach”. I thought about it and although the kid ended up beating my personal best, I still was able enough to show her the proper technique so that she could build upon it. Does that make me a good teacher? Maybe, but the point was that I had to be willing to show her, even if it wasn’t the best score, in order for her to get better at the game.

I think it was as much as a learning moment for me as it was for her. We both got better at the game and I was able to impart on her how to excel. Of course I do plan to go back and take back the #1 spot after all it’s my game.

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