What makes you get up in the morning?

Every day we get to make the choice of what is going to make us get out of bed and think about it positively or not. This seems to be a theme that I keep running across.

I recently discovered a book called “Change Your Brain Change Your Life” by Daniel G Amen. Originally I downloaded it to my eReader so that I could talk to my aging parents about it. The purpose of the book is to help people understand that what we think affects everything about us physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I have to say that I am captured by the book and have put into practice many great ideas so that I can get my brain to a healthier stage. After buying a book for my parents, I see that I am in just as much need if not more so.

If you are interested in learning more about your brain and want to take a quick test go to www.amenclinics.com to take the assessment. While you are there you can see everything the Amen Clinic does. If you want to actually start training your brain (subscription based), check this site out http://www.mybrainfitlife.com/  and remember that you are worth it.

As I put into practice ways to keep my mind and body healthy, this other article came across my computer:  “The Japanese concept of Ikigai could be the secret to a long, meaningful life” and found it also very interesting and wondered what really gets me out of bed every morning. Of course there is a short answer (need to pay for spending habits) and then there is the life changing answer of what can I do to make a difference?

This chart helps to visualize the different aspects of a person’s life according to the Ikigai way of thinking. So as I started to reflect on the different areas and it occurred to me that where I am today isn’t where I used to be, nor is it where I will be. That works in all aspects of my life. Have you ever thought about that?

This goes back to the brain training book in that what we think we can do can either makes use productive or destructive. A healthy brain is more apt to be at peace and in that peace we can extend ourselves so that we can help others.

The latest article I recently ran across was talking about a person who changed his life to help others. Perhaps you have heard of him: Mully from Kenya. He has a very inspirational story in that he went from being an abandoned 6 year old that had to fend for himself to a 23 year business owner. His compassion for other orphans took him on his greatest journey of all.

“It is estimated that since 1989 Mully and his wife have taken in 23,000 abandoned children, many who have since attended college and become successful teachers, doctors, nurses, business professionals and entrepreneurs. Other children have returned to MCF as adults to transform the lives of the next generation of Mully’s children." excerpt from Jon Gordon’s weekly newsletter.

Lastly, I had attended an annual philanthropic luncheon for “Helping Women + Changing Lives”, whereby the Alliance Foundation is doing some amazing things for the community of women and others who find themselves in need. To find out more about this organization you can find them online at www.apwcolorado.org

The point is we all have a starting point no matter your age. Perhaps you can begin to think of reasons to get up in the morning that isn’t just about YOU. Then if you want to get a round of golf in, feel better about it  and be on the lookout of how you can help make someone else’s day better.