About Us

After years of development we believe we have the hottest new product available for most golfers. Ball Couture was designed for a slower speed swing with fashion flair.

One look at the box will give you a sense of the direction we took  – high end and classy. Nothing else like it is on the market today.

With market research on our side we have found that golfers want something new that will match their personality as much as their outfit. That is why we have come out with colored golf balls. Each ball has been tested and conforms to both USGA and R&A rules on our Ball Couture women line.

Make no mistake these are high performance golf balls with a touch of fun. Each golf ball has a signature icon on it for instance on our main Ball Couture golf balls you will find Sunglasses, Martini glass, High Heel, and of course a Diamond Ring.

These golf balls have also been tested by independent golfers who have come back with rave reviews. The majority of people who have used this golf ball have attested that their distance and overall game performance had improved.