JR Golf Balls for Young Players, 6 Pack

JR Golf Balls for Young Players, 6 Pack

$ 24.99

This is not your old school golf ball. JR Golf is a modern golf ball especially made for the younger player. It is designed to improve a junior's game and enhance the fun factor by building confidence, skills and a "get outside and play" mentality. JR Golf is for those who don't want to just play golf; it's for those who want to do better at golf with each new game they play.

Soft Feel & Increased accuracy
High trajectory & adult-style distance
Better visibility with three vibrant colors

A Modern Spin... for a classic game

No matter the age, all golfers want to play better with each game. Jr Golf will help you reach your full potential. It is a high performance, fun to play golf ball designed for the modern player. Jr Golf is engineered to benefit the slower club head speed of a younger player while delivering a soft feel and longer distance with a contemporary style and appearance.

The Soft, lightweight, low compression, high resilient Nd-Br core benefits beginner to expert alike. The Icosahedral 332-dimple pattern improves aerodynamics and flight stability. The HPC outer cover provides durability and excellent spin.